I needed to understand what leadership is, and
as the leader of this film, as the director, I
understand that leadership is not about shouting
and screaming. It’s about being the person that
serves the rest and creates an environment in
which people feel encouraged to do their best
Niki Caro, director of the film Whale Rider
The CalArts graduating class of 1975 included many prominent future animators. Back row: Joe Lanzisero, Darrell Van Citters, Brett Thompson, John Lasseter, Leslie Margolin, Mike Cedeno, Paul Nowak, and Nancy Beiman. Center row: Jerry Rees, Bruce Morris, instructor Elmer Plummer, Brad Bird, and Doug Lefler. Front row: Harry Sabin & John Musker.

LOL! This so funny to see my storyboard teacher, Nancy Beiman looking so fresh and young! She was just like us! 

All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.
Edmund Burke 
Getting down to business as the gay turnip. 


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Is lipgloss a thing for guys now?